πŸ”’   How can I use Protective.ai to protect my data?

You can use the freely available version to search for specific apps you are considering or already using and quickly understand the basic data protection level. If you need more technical information and details, you can join our early access to get ongoing & automated monitoring of all apps and integrations used by your team and protect your data from insecure apps.

πŸ₯½  Can Protective.ai help me discover who has my data?

Yes. Our full platform connects to all your business & collaboration apps to detect and monitor every integration and add-on your team uses (including shadow IT connected to your business accounts). Protective.ai will notify your IT or security manager about any unsafe integrations someone on your team might have added.

πŸ”¬  Can Protective.ai help with vetting new vendors?

Yes. Protective.ai can help to quickly estimate the security posture, privacy, and data protection level of a new vendor before proceeding with a lengthy qualification process. We also provide an interface for vendors to discover and share their security standards & compliance by automatically analyzing their website, privacy policy, and documentation, saving time for both parties.

🧬  How is the data protection score calculated?

We're figuring out the data protection level of each app, add-on, and integration by automatically analyzing and collecting openly available information from their website, cloud end-points, privacy policy, and public documentation & security reviews, as well as information from other data providers. Our AI combines all the signals and comes up with a risk estimation for intentional data exposure (monetizing data by selling or sharing with ad networks) and unintentional data loss (breach or hacker activity). Our data safety scores are calculated equally and symmetrically, with the same algorithms for all the apps we cover, without any preference or bias.

πŸͺ„  What features would I get in the full version?

We provide our basic and simplified data protection evaluation for free. If you need more technical details about analysis, or you need automated inline protection that is seamlessly integrated into the workflow of your whole team - you should check out a complete data protection solution (early access). Additional features include active data protection, team monitoring & alerts, detailed permissions analysis, privacy policy risk detection, developer compliance with regulation (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA) and security standards (SOC2, ISO_270012, etc.), discovered data breach alerts, help with regulation compliance, and more.

For any additional questions, please drop us an email at info@protective.ai

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