About us

Protective.ai is a startup company established by data analysis and BI veterans with a mission to protect data in the world of remote collaboration, workflow automation, and no-code. The amount of data shared on those platforms is overwhelming; as a result, multiple 3rd and 4th party integrations, apps, plugins, and no-code solutions have access to your data.

The rise in data interconnectivity creates new demand for data protection and governance, which are currently available only to large companies. We are using AI to help startups, businesses, and developers make sure their workflows are safe, and their data is protected at all times, regardless of team size or the platforms they use.

In other words, we are here to democratize 3rd/4th-party risk management and data protection for the no-code & automation revolution.

Let's talk

Need help? Interested in early access? Want to get in touch? Send us a message below, or email us at info@protective.ai